Glass car is an important part of always protected. An unprotected amber cylinder will usually be easily cracked or damaged. That is the reason why many people use window film to protect their car windows and themselves. Glass that has been cracked and damaged will make the driver of the car does not concentrate on driving. If so, you may need the services of Windshield Repair. Your car’s glass should be fixed immediately so as not to endanger yourself.

There are several purposes someone uses a film window. Some of these goals, such as

1. Safety Film Glass
Glass film is used as a safety or guarantor privacy of a car and someone residing in it. This type of film glass has a level of darkness up to 90 percent. The person outside the car will find it difficult to look inside so that it does not know what is in the car. Other uses of this window film are on the security side that will help hold back broken glass fragments during a collision.

2. Solar Control Film
This film is the most widely used by many cars on the street. The technology used in this window film can absorb heat that touches the car and reflects ultraviolet light so that the temperature in the car is not hot and keep cool.

3. Decorative Film
This film glass usually has a purpose to decorate the glass. Typically, this type of window film has a motif that can beautify the appearance of glass car glass or a room. The function of the window film is to make your car look more fashionable and trendy, especially if you use this type of glass that matches the color of the car you have.

Of all the types of window film, you can use in your car, the most important thing you can do is choose the type of window film that suits your car needs and yourself. Do not choose window films just because you follow the trend or something.