VPN is a connection between one network and another network privately through a “public” Internet network. It is called a Virtual Network because a VPN uses the Internet network as an intermediary medium, aka the connection is not direct. Using this VPN will help you keep your data secure while you are surfing the internet. To get reliable security, you can use the best vpn canada bestvpncanada.ca/.

And it is called a Private Network because VPN is private, meaning that only certain people can access it. The data sent through a VPN is encrypted so that it is quite safe and the secret is still maintained, even though it is sent over the internet, that is the definition of a VPN.

VPN developments
VPN was developed to build an intranet with a wide reach through the internet network. Intranet has become an important component in a company today. The intranet within the company will develop according to the development of the company. In other words, the bigger the company, the bigger the intranet needed.

This problem will be more complex if the company has many branch offices scattered in various cities with long distances. On the other hand, all these offices need a method to keep in touch, for example for data transfer and synchronization.

Initially, the intranet system was developed using a dedicated line system. This system offers high data transfer speeds but requires an expensive investment. This system is not effective for middle to lower class companies as well as companies that are scattered in various regions that are far apart.

Benefits of a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Some of the benefits of a VPN are as follows:

– Remote Access
That is, by using a VPN we can access a computer or office network from anywhere as long as it is connected to the internet or public network.

– Security
By using a VPN connection you can browse, search safely when accessing cyberspace or public internet networks, such as hotspots or internet in cafes.

– Can Save Network Setup Costs
VPNs can also be used as an alternative way to connect large local networks at a lower cost. Because the data transmission used in VPN uses the internet network media or a previously existing public network without the need to build your network.