Sushi is a dish that is difficult to be cooked properly, unless if it’s being cooked by a professional Sushi Chef. There are so many details that must not be overlooked when a chef wants to cook a proper and authentic sushi dish. One of those details is the rice itself. Although sushi is a dish that is famous due to its fish, sea-urchins, and even eggs, as a new sushi restaurant owner, you must not ignore the quality of rice. That’s why high-quality rice must be used for your sushi dishes, and Japanese rice can be a better option. Furthermore, the sushi rice cooker itself must be chosen carefully so you can get some advantages for your rice sushi, such as:

Faster Rice Cooking Time

Customers generally want excellent and fast service these days. That’s why you cannot make them wait for too long if you need to cook a new batch of rice for sushi. For the sake of saving their time, you should use a high-quality rice cooker for sushi, so you can cook the rice quickly.

Better Taste and Aroma of Rice

Taste and aroma are the deciding factors whether the customers want to eat the rice along with the side dish pieces themselves. When your customer’s appetite is being stimulated by the aroma of the rice, then they will likely not separate the sushi piece from the rice. This will ensure that they have a full stomach when they leave your restaurant. Even though sushi is served in small pieces, customer satisfaction can be further guaranteed with their full belly. This can be achieved by cooking the best Japanese rice with the finest rice cooker for sushi.

Improved Texture and Stickiness of Rice

Rice in sushi must be textured properly so customers can enjoy the combination of different textures between the rice and the side dishes. Furthermore, when the rice sticks well with the side dish pieces, it will be easier for your customers to eat the sushi at your restaurant.