In these days, there are wide ranges of CBD product, but the cannabidiol was able found in the 19th century. It is, of course, we are not the first people, who use it for medical and health purpose. In the 19th century, it has been used by Queen Victoria. As a woman, she had a similar problem with other women including us during her menstrual period. She used it to alleviate menstrual cramps and always relead it for the same case in the next and next month. From it, we can conclude if this product has more and more benefits that we may not know.


The development of CBD was also found in the 1980s for some goals such as for the pain, anxiety, and nausea. Unfortunately, it gOt no much attention until the 90s. So, if you right now find CBD product like CBD oil and others, surely you will be able to get rid all of your worries and doubt because this one has been used since long time ago. Furthermore, the medical company called GW Pharmaceuticals used cannabis for medical trials in 1998. It gives us more proof that we will not take the wrong solution when we determine to get better life with CBD product usage. In simple words, THC is the compound that we can find in marijuana. Yes, it has negative impacts on our health because it can cause psychotropic effects.

CBD is absolutely different. It has different effects of THC, so when someone chooses it for their healing process, or to use it for daily or common usages, surely they will find other effects during the consumption. Unlike CBD that is known as legal to sell, and buy, the THC is still under control of law in most places. Why? It is because this one has too many negative implications, which also has a correlation with psychological disorders. Most people keep on their mind that any kind of similar product can work with a similar result for some health problems.