The definition of digital marketing is a marketing activity in a number of ways and techniques that use digital media that is meant to get traffic, data, and customers. You can join digital marketing from us to learn more about investing tricks.

Marketing is a series of efforts to convey, disseminate, and offer something in order to achieve certain goals. Meanwhile, digital means sophisticated equipment that is synonymous with technology that is always developing and provides convenience to society. Examples of digital media, websites, social media, online stores, marketplaces, digital payments, applications, search engines, are the modern digital technologies that are most familiar to today’s society. Among them, all can be used to assist the marketing of products, businesses that are more modern and potential because they have very fast access and have a wide reach.

Marketing target
The main purpose of “digital marketing” is marketing that utilizes digital tools or media to reach target consumers quickly, precisely, and widely. In addition, it can also be more effective and efficient in the use of advertising funds for business or business interests.

Increase Brand Awareness
Actually increasing brand awareness is part of conventional and digital marketing, where the goal is to introduce a product or brand to the public. The more well-known a brand is, the easier it is to be accepted by consumers. Advertising on television, billboards, radio, which is commonly called conventional advertising, is basically an effort to increase brand awareness. In the digital era, you can use the Google Ads advertiser display, or Facebook and Instagram. The law of marketing is that the better a product and brand are known to by the public, the easier it will be for consumers to accept

Build Market Database
What if we have the right consumer market database for our product or service? For example, the hijab business, with digital marketing, can gather consumer prospects with the criteria of women aged 18-40, Muslims, and who like fashion. You can use this database to offer via email or advertising which is very effective and efficient in digital marketing activities.