Although a decrease in appetite occurs naturally, malnutrition in the elderly can be fatal. Routine take your parents to consult a doctor to deal with the diseases he suffered. You should also consult a licensed nutritionist our use our home health care service to improve their nutritional status, so they can stay healthy for daily activities without a hitch.

To get around the difficulty of the elderly, giving the food and the time should be adjusted. Can not be like most people in general with the morning, lunch and dinner patterns, should give smaller portions to eat so they can eat anytime when feeling hungry. The food should also be soft. Expand the source of foods containing whey protein and casein, probiotics, and antioxidants. But still balance with the appropriate intake of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. If the elderly still eat a little, you can help meet the nutritional needs of dietary supplements. In addition to helping him meet the nutritional needs of food, invite the elderly to remain active in motion. Actively moving will strengthen the muscles, which is important to prevent loss of muscle mass and decreased muscle function. Actively moving on a regular basis can also strengthen bones and improve the appetite of the elderly.

One of the things that causes a person’s nutritional needs changes is his physical state. In the elderly, the nutritional needs are sometimes difficult to generalize. Although in general the elderly will experience a decrease in nutritional needs, because the decrease in body mass and speed of basal metabolism vary, the nutritional needs vary. In addition to decreased body mass and basal metabolic rate, decreased the ability of organs to work optimally also affects the nutritional needs of the elderly. For example, the work of the digestive system in digesting fat is not as maximal as young, then the consumption of fat should also be reduced. Digestive problems such as constipation and gastritis also often occur in the elderly so that the fulfillment of elderly nutrition sometimes becomes a challenge in itself.