The first step is sweeping and vacuuming the tiles every day. activities like this will remove dust, food crumbs and other debris that can gather in ceramic tiles. If this dirt is left in a wet area it can quickly turn into dirt that is very difficult to clean. After that mop the tile with warm water Tile Cleaning North Shore. If the tiles are not stained, there is no need for heavy cleaning, the wet mop on the tile will be enough to keep the tiles clean. And then wash your mop with fresh and warm water after you used it to clean a part of the room, and repeat again until all tiles are mopped. Aside from that, you may call the Tile Cleaning North Shore if you need to clean your tiles quickly.

Note: In order for the tiles to glow every day, rub a damp cloth so that dust is lost from the tiles.
Then dry the tiles.

– Deep Cleaning Technique

Mop the tiles with warm water and mix 1/2 cup of vinegar solution with four liters of water and continue the mop as usual. And if the tiles still don’t look clean, you can also mop up the tiles using clean water and detergent.

• We recommend that you rinse the tiles with clean warm water after finishing. It is very important to remove all the remaining soap from the tile so that it is not left in the tiles that pull and hold the dirt.

• It’s good not to use vinegar or chemicals on marble tiles too.

Here’s how to clean the rust spots on ceramic tiles. You might not do this often. If the marble tiles are stained with rust, pour a little kerosene, then take a patch or an unused cloth to rub the rust stains off. after that, wipe the used kerosene dry and continue with mopping with mop medicine to remove odor.

• You should wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands.

• Then wet a clean cloth with kerosene.

• Then rub rust stains using a cloth.

• After that was the parts with warm water to remove rust residue and kerosene, then repeat this process if the rust is not completely gone.

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