1. Wicked Ridge Ranger X2 Crossbow Package

It’s a 150-pound bow assembly with a safety-first design: a pass-through foregrip and glass-reinforced nylon safety wings keep the user’s hands from becoming entangled in the bowstring release pass. It also has great accuracy thanks to the 11′′ Wrx laminated limbs that are fitted to the riser and limb pockets. At an excellent 10.9 inches, the power stroke is more than manageable, making it easier to cock. Despite its smaller size, it can fly at 330 feet per second and punch with 85-foot pounds of kinetic energy. It’s an excellent first bow for women or young people who want to get into hunting. The disadvantage is that best hunting crossbows are frequently more expensive than many of the other crossbows on this list. As a result, we included the bow here, but it did not make our top three.

2. BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow

It’s a unisex design made entirely of stainless steel in the United States. The knock sensor and anti-dry fire trigger system prevent dangerous dry fire accidents (you can’t shoot the crossbow unless the bolt is cocked). It also has safety indicators to help you place your fingers correctly. It’s a fairly powerful mid-range crossbow that travels at 350 feet per second and has 118-foot pounds of kinetic energy. Despite this, it weighs only 6.6 pounds, making it easy to transport throughout the day. Don’t be concerned about the 150-pound draw weight; it comes with a cocking assist that makes cocking simple and easy.

3. BearX Intense Ready To-Shoot Crossbow Package

It has an under-rail hand grip and an adjustable butt to make the crossbow fit you. Although it weighs 7.5 pounds and is 14 inches wide when cocked, it has a higher draw weight of 210 pounds and a power stroke of 20 inches. These dimensions enable it to achieve a whopping 405 FPS, which is insane for the price. But don’t worry, the included cocking rope makes loading the crossbow a breeze.