Writing is more powerful than the most powerful memory. Writing is also an outpouring of thoughts in the form of ideas, notes to pictures. Beautiful writing is enjoyed by myself and others make yourself proud and sometimes addicted because of the praise of people who see it. Many people are jealous of the beauty of writing, but not many people want to learn to write beautifully and consistently. Various types of pens with their uniqueness and character, ranging from handles, converters, cartridges to nibs are each person’s choice. One of them is a type of pen such as a fountain pen. You can find this pen type in the URL. This fountain pen is a pen that has a sharp tip and is shaped like an arrow, equipped with a refillable ink bag. The ink used is water-based, filled through the tip of the pen using an ink vacuum mechanism which is then inserted into the ink bag inside the pen. Compared to other types of pens, fountain pens require a finer treatment. However, sometimes fountain pen users make some mistakes which can reduce the performance of a fountain pen. Here are 4 common mistakes for fountain pen users.

First, put the pen in the pocket along with the key. This will cause the body of the pen to become scuffed and reduce the beauty of the pen. Second, Too Pressing When Writing. Unlike the ballpoint pen, the fountain pen does not need to be pressed when writing because the ink will come out by itself.

Third, don’t clean your pen. Pens that are not cleaned will make it difficult for the ink to come out. Also, although it looks not the same as other pens, fountain pens still have to be used frequently. Fourth, dropping the pen with the nib on the bottom.