In addition to a sense of satisfaction after doing hard exercise in the gym, you must be aware that muscle fatigue immediately whacks the body. Muscle fatigue that has a famous name delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is indeed a natural thing experienced fitness practitioners, which is the body’s natural response to restore muscle fibers damaged by intensive exercise. DOMS generally occurs after you drastically change the exercise, for example by exercising after a long absence or increasing the volume or intensity of the exercise. But, there are several ways you can do to reduce this pain and make it recover faster. Here are some tips for dealing with muscle fatigue quickly. Aside from that, a great supplement can also be a good way to support your muscle growth, and the test rx prices are affordable while its benefits are great for your training.

Muscle Fatigue Treatment: During Exercise

Prevention is certainly better than cure. To reduce muscle tone, later on, you can do the following during exercise.

1. Stretching

Before starting the exercise, heating and stretching help prepare your body and reduce the effects of DOMS. Take the time to do dynamic stretching movements (stretching that involves movement) and followed by static stretching.

2. Warm up before lifting weights

Immediately doing weight training without adequate preparation not only makes you experience severe DOMS but also makes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments vulnerable to interest. Doing cardio exercise first helps to heat your muscles.

3. Hydration

Hydration is important before and during exercise to prevent cramps and reduce inflammation and muscle fatigue after exercise. Mineral water is the best choice for hydration. If your exercise is enough to drain the sweat, there is no harm in drinking drinks that contain electrolytes in addition to mineral water.

4. Exercise with perfect movement

Taking note of your posture and form of movement can also help you prevent unnecessary DOMS. A perfectly loaded 25 Kg load would be more profitable than lifting a 50 Kg load with the bad shape.