Health is the greatest thing in a person’s life, therefore we should all take care of it. When we have health, we can do many things without worry or disturbance. To maintain our health, there are several easy ways we can do.

– Drink much water

Water may be the body’s need that can not be replaced by anything because in fact, the human body contains more than 50% water. We can avoid dehydration and excessive fatigue when we drink lots of water.

– Eat some fresh fruits

There are many kinds of fruit that we can find. Choose fruits that contain lots of vitamins to keep our body healthy. Oranges, apples, mangoes, grapes, melons, and bananas are some of the fruits we can choose and are free to consume every day.

– Enough protein intakes

Protein is useful for replacing damaged cells and this can be found in meat. We can also get plenty of protein from fresh fish that we can cook.

– Avoid some food

In addition to sufficient body needs, we also must avoid some foods that can damage the body. Junk food, instant food and oily food should we avoid because it can accumulate fat and easily decompose into sugar. If fat and sugar accumulates in our body, obesity and diabetes are a frightening disease that can be threatening.

– Do exercise regularly

Exercise is very useful for our body because it can sweat naturally. Olagraga is also very good for heart health that continues to work without stopping to pump blood throughout the body.

– Eat vegetables

In addition to fruits, vegetables are foods that are important to human health. We can get many benefits from vegetables such as protein, iron, calcium, glucose, vitamins, fiber and others.

– Eat beans and fiber-rich food

Beans contains omega 3 is very good for human skin, hair and nails. Foods rich in fiber can help us facilitate the process of disposal in the body. In addition, fiber-rich food can also help us quickly satisfied and not feel hungry in a long time.