You need electrician singapore when you install the electrical system in your house. Fires due to short-circuiting or accumulation of currents at one point continue to occur and generally affect small houses belonging to most people. Installation of electrical installations at home for contractors or installers. We still need to understand it so that the use of electricity in the home is safe check that.

Installation of electricity in the house already has a standard in general electrical installation regulations. Regulations that are in the form of a manual must be a reference for all installers because each power is different in its installation and handling. Homeowners also need to read and understand it as material to control the installer’s work.

Electronic equipment such as water pumps, air conditioners, refrigerators, and water heaters, each of which must use its own line to make it safer. The big power device needs to be made a separate path because if it is combined with other lines such as lighting, the lights will flicker when the pump or air conditioner is working. By being divided into groups and separate lanes, the cable as an electric current carrying medium becomes more durable because the current load is not excessive.

Reserves are needed to anticipate the addition of electrical devices. So, we just have to take from the existing path, no need to make new ones. For type houses below 70 m2, 1300 VA (amperage voltage) is sufficient. But, to be safer it should be increased to 2200 VA. With more power, there is no need to worry if there are additional electrical devices at home.

You must check the electrical installation regularly. After 10 years electrical installations at home need to be checked to make sure they are safe to flow. If there is damage or peeling, the device and cable must be replaced. If the cable is twisted or bent, the casing has hardened and is no longer tender, the indication must be replaced.