You must have heard about smoothies, right? Drinks are being liked by many people. But, it turns out there are still many people who are difficult to distinguish between smoothies and juice. In fact, these two drinks have some differences. In addition to the differences, many people also do not know that making smoothies spell out the right blender, to get better results. If you’re one of those people looking for the best blenders for green smoothies, you can read a few blender reviews on After that, you can decide which blender is best for making your smoothies.

To distinguish between smoothies and juice, this article will discuss it.

1. Gynecology inside.
Smoothies usually contain more fiber than the many fruits contained in it. One glass of juice will contain more vitamins and minerals, this is because to get one glass of juice, you need lots of fruits and vegetables.

2. Nutrition and Sour Flavor
The content of nutrients in the juice is more easily absorbed by the body, so it can provide “injection” of rapid energy into the body. Meanwhile, vitamins and minerals in the smoothies will last longer absorbed by the body, but more to make full and can balance blood sugar.

3. Making Process
Juice is usually made by cutting the fruit and putting it into a blender, then added a little water and only extracted from the fruit. For that, when making juice, we need more fruit ingredients.
Meanwhile, for smoothies we usually destroy it blended until smooth and all the results of the fruits or vegetables are taken. For that, smoothies make the feeling of satiety longer than with juice.

Then, if there is any question, which one is better? The most appropriate answer is depending on the needs of each. Both of these drinks contain good nutrition for the body. If your body needs a lot of nutrients, then juice becomes the right choice. However, if our bodies need a lot of fiber, then smoothies are a good choice, especially for people who are on a diet.