Although it is simple to sell items on Amazon, using different apps and extensions for Amazon helps find suitable products for sale. In addition, there are paid tools to help you find profitable niches and products to sell on Amazon if you want to take your business seriously. Here is how to resell stuff on amazon to learn before starting how to resell stuff on amazon.

While you can walk around the store or search the web to look for products that could make money for reselling on Amazon, you can also do a little research and think in advance about specific types of products you want to come across. A source of good ideas for products to resell on Amazon might be best-sellers or hot listings, such as from Alibaba or China’s Reddit. When checking out best-selling lists on Amazon, you can also check the “Customers Also Bought” section for ideas of similar products.

To do some manual research into the popular items on Amazon–which helps you decide what products you would like to sell–, you should start by looking at Amazon’s top-selling items within a specific category. Once you determine what types of things you want to sell; next, you will want to set yourself up on Amazon.

If the item you want to sell is already available on Amazon, you will want to map it to an existing listing. The Amazon Seller App will even let you know whether or not you can resell a product. If you sell products from a well-known brand, Amazon will also require evidence of being licensed to sell from a specific brand.

Some brands will not let you sell their products on Amazon, which you must consider before starting a reselling business. It’s also worth mentioning that although you can legally resell any products you purchase, Amazon has certain restrictions for specific brands. In addition, Amazon restricts some categories, like jewelry and watches, that need approval for products to be listed for sale.