Paul Eulette (33) has been obese with a weight of 122 kg. Even the doctor sentencing his life will not last long if his weight continues to rise. At the age of 30, obesity caused Paul to experience pain in the joints and weakness. Sad again, as health worsened some family members left him. In the meantime, before we continue, perhaps you need to check out the best Kayak Parts for Sale Online if you love kayaking.

Eating uncontaminated is the reason Paul’s weight always rises. “Mostly because they like to eat Caribbean dishes. This is a family favorite too. I just realized, weight was out of control when I was embarrassed to take off my clothes in the pool, even in front of my own family,” Paul said.

The move from the Caribbean to New York City in 2016 was a turning point for a diet. One of the exercises that made Paul’s life saved was rowing.

“Rowing gives me cardio exercise similar to running, but also strengthens the whole body and helps mobility (body movement). This made me realize how my body lacked movement (physical activity), “continued Paul, who now lost 31 kg.

Rowing training decreased Paul’s weight gradually. Paul began to lose 25 kg of weight. This decrease is high compared to when Paul ran.

For the sake of reducing weight, he ran around the house and urban streets. To get to the office, Paul also walks more.

Within 16 months, he lost around 31 kg after rowing. In order for the body to become stronger and slimmer, Paul also exercises better rowing.

“I add more weight training, which increases lean muscle mass,” Paul continued.

Paul not only cuts calories, carbohydrates and fat. He also learned to control food portions.

“I reduce hard dough (Jamaican) bread, dumplings, cornmeal porridge, bread, and cheese. I also eat fewer waffles, biscuits, and grits at night,” Paul said.

“And that means I eat more vegetarian and fruits, like papaya, mango, guava, and starfruit.”