Now, a website is certainly a very important thing for someone or even a company. A good website certainly has a good design and responsive and has good navigation. For that, someone will usually create a very good design for their website. One that can make an attractive and appropriate design for a website is Miami Web Design.

Consciously or not, a website is not only useful for conveying information about your company but also useful for shaping the image of the company. visitors who enter into a company’s website will usually conduct an assessment of the company through their website. This is related to their thoughts and feelings about the website they are visiting. It also concerns about the psychological factors of a person, then what is the psychological influence of a person when assessing a website?

1. Colors
When designing a website, the color drops into something that can not be left behind. Color selection will also determine who you are and the company that owns the website. for that many companies are using the color of their website with a color that is already attached to the company. it is because to create closeness with the visitor so that they understand the identity of the company.
Many people assume that neutral colors like white, black and gray turn out to also affect the website design you have. So, do not hesitate to put those colors.

2. Space
A website certainly has content in it that contains a lot of information from various things that concern the company. here, space works very well. Space on a website is usually called white space in the form of an area contained in the website where this area in no has any visible content. This is so that visitors can read the content very well and clearly.

3. Typography
Typically, typography will bring millions of emotions to a website. For example, Serif fonts are used as a bench of professionalism, while sanserif impressed more modern, clean and informal.