Atheism which teaches about the absence of God as the creator of mankind and the world as a whole is a teaching that does not use the function of reason properly. Intellect is not driven to think deeper but is only used for superficial thinking, even though the human mind is truly extraordinary, able to control humans so they can control the world Once you will think more deeply, it is immediately stopped by the will of the mind itself so that it does not come to think about the creation of humans and the world as it is. Look at the behavior of the previous prophets who sought their god with deep and serious thinking. With the curiosity that arises, it means that he has tried to optimize the function of reason well so that it comes to a conclusion that his existence in this world is due to the existence of an all-powerful power. That is God’s discovery as the creator of man. Apart from that, you may want to check out miracle healing prayer request if you’re a Christian but your prayers aren’t effective.

Human atheists or disbelievers have weakened their own sense function to think well. With various scientific arguments, he closes himself to acknowledge the existence of God. Even though in essence, if asked more deeply, he would recognize the existence of God from the bottom of his heart. But this confession was covered up with selfishness which was based on lust which was helped by the temper of the world, Syaithon.

Atheist humans will not be able to think more deeply about the nature of death. If he is asked about the concept of death, then the answer is certainly inconsequential with a myriad of pseudo-scientific arguments. His mind will be stuck and it can’t flow anymore. As a result, the reason that exists in atheist humans will not be able to distinguish between good and bad, because the foundation of thinking is broken. Even if the choice is good, but it is classified as an option that is all pseudo alias fake.