One of the many advantages of hiring Planet Maids is the chance to prevent making the mistakes as you often do when cleaning a home. Cleaning the house seems like a common thing people make. The only main goal is namely making the house so more comfortable. Do you clean the home with the right way? There are still many mistakes we do not realize, such as:

Rarely clean or not replace the sponge

Try to remember all surfaces that are cleaned with your sponge. And then remember when you last cleared the sponge itself. Well, if the sponge that you use is rarely cleaned, the risk is definitely a sponge to be a place of development of bacteria. So pay more attention to your sponge cleanliness yes, and frequently wash it with hot water or soak it in a container with vinegar to disinfect it. And if it is not feasible to use, immediately replace with a new sponge.

Spray directly on the surface to be cleaned

A common mistake often done is to spray the cleaner directly on the surface you want to clean. It’s better to spray the cleaner onto a sponge or microfibre cloth, then use another cloth to wipe and clean the dusty and dirty surfaces. This is especially important when dealing with steel or wood surfaces. In the long run, you will see the benefits.

Overuse using cleaners

Use enough cleaning fluids! Never utilize inordinate cleaning liquids as this will just harm your furniture. Actually, the utilization of an excessive amount of cleaning liquid will likewise add to your work.

Did not notice how to clean the leather sofa

If your sofa is made of leather, it should not be wiped with a damp cloth as it can cause damage. Instead, use a dry cloth to keep the sofa durable. So, if there are stains you use a damp cloth or use a special skin cleanser for maximum results.