How to care for industrial machinery must be considered proper to maintain security and also the effectiveness of production because product quality is greatly influenced by the performance of the engine. Industrial machinery consists of many components and also building spare parts, each of which has its own function, therefore maintenance must also be carried out thoroughly. In performing engine maintenance, companies can choose to form a maintenance team or use maintenance services from outside. At present, there are many maintenance services that can help maintain engine regularly, one of which is grupo gemlsa which has maintenance staff, especially for factories that use boilers to produce steam.

Industrial production factories usually have operational standards for industrial machinery maintenance procedures and safety standards. Maintenance can be done with a routine schedule or done when a problem occurs on the engine. If the maintenance team feels from outside the factory, here are two basic steps in performing industrial engine maintenance:

– News of damage
In the production plant industry, it is important for personnel to record any damage that occurs to the machines used in an official documented report. These news items are then used as a guideline to carry out maintenance on machines that are experiencing problems and things that are affected by it. With the documentation of industrial engine performance, the treatment can be more effective and faster to implement so as not to interfere with production activities.

– Distribution of care
The procedure for maintaining industrial machinery in factories is generally divided into two things, namely mechanical maintenance and utility maintenance. The mechanical maintenance department is the part that carries out maintenance on machinery and technical matters, for example sorting the complete spare parts of the engine and identifying machines that are not suitable for use, replacing engine parts, and so on. While utility maintenance is maintenance carried out on engine power sources, namely electricity. The scope of utility care includes the distribution of air and cooling water coolers, lubricants, industrial machinery electricity sources, and so on.

Those are the first two steps and basic steps in caring for industrial machinery which is usually done by maintenance services.