Some say that cigarette has become a culture or style of human life, whether from what year it is said style (sorry data does not exist). Even now this smoking trend is not just from among men, but also from among women. Especially in the glorious life of a metropolitan city, very easy to meet women who smoke from adolescence to old age. I also will not discuss women who smoke, because this paper only focuses on smoking ethics. Women who smoke have been reviewed by Helda here. However, my writing this time will be more to discuss the ethics of smokers and the environment. Aside from that, you may want to check out the cheap bongs under $100 as well.

Ethics of smoking in public transport (Depends on each country’s law)

Not all places have appeal forbidden smoking, one of which is public transportation. Not all regions are subject to smoking banned regulations in public transport. But the name of public transportation should be clean of cigarette smoke even though there is no regulation that forbids smoking in public transport.

Public transport is not a vast and good place to smoke in it, because the air circulation in public transport only revolves around in that transport. In the public transport, there are various types of people in it, there are women, there are men, there are old, there are young, there are toddlers and there are pregnant women. All jumbled up in a small place called public transport.

Smoking ethics requires no smoking warning

There are some smoking ethics that must be known by the smokers, so they don’t even need to be told by others when they want to enjoy their smoking activity.

Do not smoke in areas that say “No Smoking”. This is clearly a ban that must be obeyed.

Do not smoke near pregnant women. Pregnant women need a healthy air for themselves and for their womb.

Do not smoke near small children or toddlers. Smoking in front of small children besides disturbing breathing, smoking in front of small children is also prone to be imitated by them.

Do not smoke in crowded places and minimal air ventilation.

Do not lie down. You may fall asleep, this can result in a fire.