A condominium or well known as a condo is a type of housing that is similar to an apartment, which often found in the United States of America or another country like Singapore. It is a little bit different from the apartment because it is independently sellable and the building is divided into several units that surrounded by common areas. One of the condominiums that are very popular is RoyalGreen, which you can choose as your the best place for living.

If you have chosen the best place for living, it might be good for you to know the price ranges, right? Here is the information about it.

Get to Know About Best RoyalGreen Price Ranges

RoyalGreen is one of the best places for living. If you are curious how much is the price, it might not answer your questions, because it has no information yet about the pricing. You can register through the Contact form if you want to keep updated when the pricing is known. You can know it on the launch sales day, so make sure to keep your eyes on the web related to the condo.

The RoyalGreen is developed by Allgreen Properties, which is paid SGD$477.94 million for the 174,177 square feet freehold Royalville site. So, if it has added the development costs that including overhead, marketing, construction and financing costs, the properties could be in the region of $2,600 PSF. To know the final price, it could be averaging around $2,800 to $3,000. Are you interested?

That’s all the information about best RoyalGreen price ranges you need to know. Now you only need to save your money to get the best place for living, because this place will make your life better. You will have the best privacy and security system that will keep your safety as well. So, what are you waiting for?