When your money starts to decrease dollar by dollar, then anxiety will start to appear, emotions begin to dominate rational thoughts and mistakes after mistakes begin to haunt in every open position. That’s a sign that you are experiencing psychological stress. In can i earn money without investment, the best step you should take is to temporarily stop trading activities, fix the trading system, and reset your mood and psychology to be calmer.

Trading psychology factors are very influential on trading results, a calm attitude is needed so as not to make mistakes that are considered unnecessary.

How to Build Trading Psychology To Be Calm.
From some of the experiences that have been experienced, there are several things that you can evaluate. These include:

• Realizing that trading is not a tool to get rich quickly or by trading, within a few weeks you can buy all kinds of necessities in life.
• Realizing that price movements do not go straight up or down, but through an up and down process forming a zigzag pattern to reach a certain price.
• Must be able to divert attention so as not to focus too much on price movements, so as not to make their own mistakes by taking unnecessary actions.
• Using the right money management system, to maintain a healthy balance level and not to experience margin calls quickly.
• Realizing that in forex trading there is a time for-profit and a time for loss.
• Do not focus on profit today, but rather strengthen the system such as conducting or keeping a trading journal as an evaluation material.
• Use spare time for daily activities and deepen your knowledge of forex trading from various literature.
These attitudes will form over time you practice forex trading. Character and mental formation will be better from the loss and profit events that you experience.