Today, almost all businesses and companies have websites for their marketing purposes. For this reason, there are many website creations and website design services that you can now easily find. One who has a good experience is Webdesign Hessen. By using the right services from making the website, you will get a quality website.

Unfortunately, many people do not know that there are only fake websites and sites that are fraudulent. then, there are several ways to recognize the fraudulent website.

1. Check the domain name
The easiest first step is to look at the domain name of the site in question. According to Sigit, the official website must use a domain according to the name of the company or service. If using a public domain like Blogspot, the validity is doubtful.

2. Check the contact information
Official websites usually always include contact information for the site manager concerned. A website without contact can be considered untrustworthy, whatever its contents. Even if included, there is still a possibility that the manager will give a fake number, e-mail, or address.

3. “Whois” check
On the internet, there are various “Whois” tools that can be used to obtain information about managers behind a website domain, for example, those available on the ICANN global internet domain management site. From here it can be known whether a website is run by its official owner or not. If you find a site that does not display the complete identity of the manager or the identity is hidden, then the website is arguably doubtful and you cannot just believe it.

Of the three things above, make sure that you check the truth of the site again. Because not all sites that you meet on the internet are genuine and have managers that are also genuine. Many of these websites only want to make a profit. In fact, you can also distinguish them from the look of the website. From trusted website creation services, the display will also be very influential.