Although the ‘bitterness’ level of each person is of a different level, at least we all know that bitter in general like what. In coffee, bitter can be broken down into bitterness, full-bodied, burn, and so on. For this reason, if you don’t like bitter, you should order a brewed coffee drink. I always don’t recommend sugar in every coffee, not “anti” but sugar often changes the original taste and is not good for health. You can choose drinks like cappuccino, cafe latte, and flat white. Heated milk breaks down sugar and spreads perfectly when mixed with espresso. Furthermore, you may also need to know the recommended place to buy coffee beans

If you can’t stand bitterly don’t order espresso, americano, ristretto and the like black coffee, huh!

Sweet Cold Drink

If cold milk coffee is still considered bitter at your bitter level, I suggest ordering cold coffee drinks with certain flavorings or syrups. In the beginning, my coffee was often saved by Caramel Latte or Vanilla Latte which, although sweet but did not remove the taste of the coffee. A sweet cold drink but ‘still’ coffee can be an alternative if you really need caffeine but can’t afford the slightest bit of bitter coffee. So instead of being disappointed by complaining that iced cappuccino you ordered is too bitter, let’s switch to caramel latte and other types of coffee.

The One Which Kicks

The term of “kicking” is indeed often connoted to bitter drinks that give energy. Many people enjoy coffee just because they want the effect. Well, if you are one of these people, let’s order drinks like espresso, double espresso, lungo, ristretto or you can Americano with a double espresso. Bored with drinks like that you can choose coffee drinks that are manually brewed using robusta seeds which are clearly higher caffeine levels.

Black Coffee but Not Bitter

How can black coffee not be bitter? Well, it could be but the bitterness isn’t completely gone too. For coffee, this is usually born from coffee beans that are fruity flavor notes, floral and so on. And of course, roasted at the light roast level. And yes, brewing must be done manually too. Bitter, but not dominant. In each gulp, you will experience a variety of other flavors even though this is only black coffee.