Making the decision to join matrimonial websites is not a mistake or even sin. However, it doesn’t mean you will trust people you just knew within few days to weeks. The sites just provide the way for each of you to meet the right person you can ask to marry. Every married couple has a long and happy life. However, many mistakenly choose a partner until finally leads to divorce and separation. For that before deciding to marry know in advance criteria in choosing the right partner.

– Seriousness

If his behavior does not show seriousness, then he is definitely not a soulmate. It’s no use defending. There are several things to measure the seriousness of the couple include the right promise, dare to meet parents, and make a clear plan.

– Compatibility

A match is a key to a lasting and happy marriage relationship. Before you decide whether or not to fit, try to check deep into your heart whether you feel fit and accept bad habits or shortcomings and do not expect him will change later.

– Support your Plan of Life

Your soul mate is just one and he is the one who will support your dreams. If the person who is close to you today as opposed to the life plan or the ideals of your life, most likely he is not your soul mate. In choosing soulmate, do not just be guided by love. Love is blind. Love will usually be present if you often spend time with someone as we often hear in general.

– Listen to The Word of Heart Not Another Word

When you are with your soul, your heart will calm down. You will feel fit and comfortable with him. According to Edy’s father, do not ever force yourself to marry someone just because of forced or insistence of parents and the environment.