Wearing a necklace can change one’s appearance to be more fashionable and attractive. For the appearance to be more perfect, you cannot automatically choose a necklace with a random length to support the appearance. There are a number of tips for choosing the right length of สร้อยคอ you use based on the shape of the face, the neckline model, height, even your body shape.

Appropriate Face Shape

* For round or oval faces, look for a necklace that has a length of 50-60cm to give a long impression on your face and create a V-shape impression on the face.
* For box faces, choose a short necklace like a choker. A short-length necklace can disguise the impression of a box on your face and give the illusion of a long neck.
* For a heart-shaped face choose a necklace that has a length of 40-45cm to disguise the sharp angle on your face.

Appropriate Body Shape

The shape of the body can also affect the length of the necklace. The following is the right necklace model to suit your body shape.

* Pear Shape
The pear-shaped body has a wider body at the bottom than the top. Therefore, look for a necklace that can help highlight the upper part of the body. A necklace with a length of 45-60cm is the right necklace for you who has a pear shape.
* An hourglass shape
Choose a necklace that is close to the neckline of the shirt to reinforce the curves of the body.
* Inverted triangle shape
The inverted triangular body has a wide upper body. Long necklaces can help highlight the bottom of your body.
For those of you who have an athletic body shape, you are suitable to use a necklace with any length and model. It is recommended that you choose a long necklace to give a higher impression to the body.