The church is indeed a place of worship for Christians, but not infrequently also the church becomes a beautiful tourist attraction for those who want to buried secundane as well as enrich their faith. In church, we must be familiar with the images of Jesus that must be in every church around the world. images of Jesus are there to remind everyone who come to the church will the love and love of Jesus.

Unfortunately, many people now assume that Christianity and other religions cannot coexist and must have their own place of worship. However, did you know that there is a place where churches and mosques are in one building? The place is Hargia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. Since Osmani’s rule ended and was replaced by the Turkish Republic in 1923, then Turkish ruler Mustafa Kemal Ataturk made Hagia Sophia a public museum. The mosaic of the Christian emblem which was originally closed back opened and put in its place. From that time on, Hagia Sophia became a church and mosque building in one place.

If entering this place, the tourists will be amazed by the beautiful scenery where the statue of Mary and the statue of other Christians coupled with Arabic calligraphy writing that read Allah and Muhammad. The building is also a magnet for tourists to visit and feel how harmonious the two religions.

This building also proves that two religions can co-exist and side by side in one place. This makes us as human beings will realize that there is no point in the debate. Two religions can be in one building because of their history that can not be forgotten. With that history we who still stand in this era should not destroy it with all the debates we do.