There are many types of content theft that are often done. But there are two types of content theft that are most common, namely content scraping and hotlinking. If you want to change your YouTube video into content, you can visit our website. You can also find out about content gorilla review.

– Content scraping
Most content theft uses a simple method of copy and pastes to steal and copy content from other websites and then release it on their website. This method is called content scraping. Many websites do this and many of these websites rank higher on Google than the original website. Actually, this is also easy to do because there are several tools that can be used to do the automatic content scraping. But you don’t need to worry because now there are many tools that can be used to avoid content scraping.

– Hotlinking
Hotlinking is to use images, videos or files hosted and stored from other websites in your content. What is meant here, hotlinking is when you do not upload images, files, or videos to your website and use links from other websites. This way, you present these content to your website visitors and others pay for the space and bandwidth of the content on their website.

Websites like YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, etc. will give you permission to hotlink by giving you an embed code so that you can present images, videos and other types of content to your website or blog. There are also websites that allow you to upload content such as banner images to their websites and give you HTML or JavaScript code so that you can display the content on your website. This is not included in hotlinking for content theft. New hotlinks can be considered theft if you use images and data that are hosted on other websites on your content without permission or knowledge of the content owner.