Who doesn’t know this sexy American cosplayer. He is Yaya Han, a cosplayer, model and designer costume from America. Thanks to her beautiful face, she is often invited as a judge in various cosplay competitions. His favorite start in the world of cosplay was after attending Anime Expo in 1999. Anime Expo inspired him to continue creating the latest breakthroughs in the designs of the cosplay costumes he wore. In the meantime, check out the Gamer’s Gauntlet at Youmacon as well.

There are also many fans who call them cosplaying pioneers. He is also often involved as a star on TV shows.

Now be happy because Yaya Han will give tips on being a reliable cosplayer like herself. Check out Yaya Han’s secret below.

1. Use a deodorant.

It cannot be denied that being a cosplayer will make you sweat. Yaya Han also advised cosplayers not to forget to use deodorant. That way, being close to you or asking for a photo with you don’t faint.

2. Ignore haters.

Cosplayers will definitely get a lot of criticism. Those who are not cosplayers will think that you are a strange person. But just ignore what they say. Maybe they are jealous because they don’t have the courage to cosplay like you guys.

3. Be careful of strangers who desire to touch you.

Yaya Han also experienced it often. Many fans or guests interact with cosplayers who want to do more without asking permission first.

4. Be yourself.

Choose a costume that fits your body. Adjust to what you have now. For example, don’t wear cosplay monsters if your body is too small to wear it.

5. Don’t criticize other people’s clothing.

No need to give criticism to other people’s clothes. You don’t want your own costume to be overly commented on, don’t you? If anyone comments on your costume, just leave it. But if you start commenting, don’t!