A camera that is attached to the windshield of a car or called a dashcam can be categorized as a ‘third eye’. Dashcam function to record road conditions in front of the car during driving activities. This tool can help surveillance in front of the car because it produces recordings. There are several types of cameras used for cars, namely front-facing, interior, outdoor type and there are two channels, front and rear-facing. You can see www.dashcamreport.com/ on our website.

To note, the recordings can be used as evidence when a car is involved in an accident. In this position, we just need to open the recording without arguing on the road due to the damage it has caused. Video recording from this camera to avoid accusing each other when a traffic accident occurs. This means that the recording is very useful if someone tries to blame an accident that was not caused by us. The footage is also useful in providing a ‘rebuttal’ if the traffic video issued by the local authorities is wrong. For example, there is an error in the CCTV traffic camera footage. Apart from that, the dashcam might be useful for catching thieves and criminals acting around the car. Then this camera can also monitor the behavior of truck drivers at an expedition company to teenagers who just have a driver license.

Cameras in automobiles are increasingly being used to provide additional information on accidents, accident victims in the US, traffic violations, and driving habits. In fact, many insurance carriers will receive dashcam snippets from their policyholders in case of an accident to help assess claims. Apart from that, here are some other benefits:

Help crackdown on traffic offenders
Motorized vehicle drivers sometimes do not obey traffic regulations, which can harm other road users. If by chance the driver is near the car, you can help the authorities follow up through video evidence on dashcam so that the perpetrator is prosecuted.

Proof of insurance
In some countries, the dashcam is a mandatory feature on vehicles. One of its most important functions is being able to record events when an accident occurs. Insurance companies make video recordings as evidence and analyze whether the car is eligible for insurance claims or not.