From the user side, the importance of this dashboard camera is to protect you if you are involved in an accident. Of course, assuming you are not the cause of the accident. If this happens the camera will not be able to protect you. For example, if someone accidentally crashes himself in front of your car or the car in front makes sudden braking until an accident occurs. This is where the dashboard camera comes in. Recorded evidence can be used to determine who is guilty of causing the accident. If there’s no such strong evidence, your arguments and other people’s arguments will both become questionable. Where there is a possibility for you to be the one to blame. Therefore, it can be helpful if you install a dashcam first. Additionally, if you also think of buying a new dashcam soon, perhaps you need to read some dashboard camera reviews to find the best one related site.

However, if you have a dashboard camera, you should always obey traffic rules. If you break the rules and then hit a car that has a camera with GPS that is parked, then the position, speed and incident will be recorded so it will be clear who is at fault. Don’t assume you can delete data after a breach. Indeed the regulations in each country are different, but if the camera becomes evidence and there is something missing in the footage then you will be the suspect. However, if you drive safely it won’t be a problem. After all, that’s actually the purpose of having this dashboard camera in your car.

The flip side of this dashboard camera is whether it is worth having. Because it is considered expensive and valuable, the risk of losing it being stolen will always be there. Nevertheless, if you live in an accident-prone area, it’s a good idea to protect yourself with a dashboard camera. Indeed, in some countries, there is no standard regulation that requires the use of this dashboard camera.

For insurance claims, you don’t need evidence from this camera. You also don’t get insurance discounts if you have a dashboard camera. But it’s good to make this dashboard camera your insurance policy to prevent claims or losses that make headaches.