If you need extra space or bedroom but the room at home is no longer there, it’s time to visit your loft. Actually, almost every house has space or area that is sometimes not used with the maximum. The loft area is often overlooked and almost forgotten could be an area that you can take advantage of the maximum. In the meantime, perhaps you can go to loft conversions in kent for having the recommended conversion service for your loft.

The portion of the triangle-shaped loft roof is cone-shaped and is considered to have an unattractive shape, making the loft area often only used as warehouse or storage area of goods only. Though you can take advantage of the loft area into an additional bedroom or even the main bedroom or playground area for your kids if you like.

By designing and decorating the loft area, an area that is usually empty, unused or at best so the warehouse is not only become more functional but also well maintained. Because, not a few people are lazy to clean the warehouse, especially if it is located in the loft. loft warehouses are usually left obsolete, neglected even a rat’s nest.

By turning the loft into a bedroom, the functionality of the house was clearly increased. In addition, you can also have a unique shape of the room. The typical shape of the conical roof, which is rarely encountered, is also an additional aesthetic home.

Designing a loft into a bedroom or mezzanine does require careful planning. You have to change the loft floor because previously the base of the room is the ceiling. Therefore, you must make sure the floor of the loft room has a good and strong foundation. Not only get there, you also have to pay attention to comfort and especially ventilation.

A mezzanine is a place or additional space that is located between the floor and ceiling. Mezzanine itself comes from the Italian word mezzo which means the middle.