Disk clean up is a built-in tool that is usually included in an operating system. The function of disk clean up is to clean cache or useless junk files.

The disk clean up itself is not displayed on the desktop or so many folders are not noticed. However, the disk clean up function is so that your PC is protected from viruses due to accumulated junk files.

Especially on the C drive system, because automatically junk files such as cache and Trash will be stored on the system. Windows users can use disk clean up by opening the software from the Start Menu. Later a new Windows will appear showing the options for the disk clean up itself.

Before clearing the cache file, you must pay attention to whether there is no longer a Trash folder that is still useful because if there are still files, the system will also delete them.

If you are confused about how to use it, here is how to use disk cleanup:

1. Open the Disk Cleanup Application in the Start Menu.

2. Then look for the name Disk Cleanup.

3. Double-click disk clean up to open the feature.

4. After that a warning display will appear.

5. Then press the OK button

6. Then the checklist menu is marked with a red box to select what files you want to delete.

7. Then press ok and wait until the file deletion process is complete.

That was the function and how to use disk cleanup. However, you can use other external tools for disk clean up. You can get additional features to boost your computer performance. You can find it in some websites for free provided in various versions. Disk clean up tools for sale are also available in many apps and online markets.