Problems are a part of everybody’s life, they often even think why they are being treated with extraordinarily difficult problems. However, if we want to understand just the slightest, we will think that the problem exists for us to be closer to God. We as humans should believe that god is real. That God is always there for his people who will share the story with Him. And believe in the presence of God. The problem God gives is usually not greater than our ability to deal with the problem. In fact, problems come to make us realize that God really loves us.

There are some things you need to know that the problems you have can be solved with your belief in God.

• Your Problems Will Be Comparable With Your Abilities
God understands that your problem is proportional to your ability to solve the problem. Sometimes, He gives you trouble to test you and make you realize that you are capable of facing life on the next level. The problem sometimes becomes a test for you to go to class.
God never gives a very big problem to his people, other than because He believes that his people are able to deal with it and solve it.

• God is the Best Screenplay Writer
You must be sure that the life you live like paper in a book. If a sheet of paper is full, it must be replaced with a new one. Let’s assume your problem will be a full piece of paper and will be replaced with a new one. God has his own plan. He knows when to give you a gift of every problem you can face.

• Believe in God
If you have a big problem and you think you can not deal with it. You must be sure that there is a God who will help you solve the problem. You should also always be happy in the middle of the problem you are facing. Do not cry easily because God wants to see you strong and strong in facing the problems He gives.