Bing Liu, who is a professor of computer science from the University of Illinois Chicago, USA, in his book entitled Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining, said that opinion is the center of almost all our activities and behavior. Our beliefs and perceptions of reality and the choices we make are largely conditioned on other people’s judgments of things. For this reason, when we need to make decisions, we often seek other people’s opinions. This also applies when we want to buy an item or order goods or services. Due to the existence of fake reviews, it is important for buyers to be able to distinguish between fake reviews or not. Furthermore, if you get fake reviews on Google, you can read How to respond to fake Google reviews.

It can be difficult to distinguish between fake reviews and those from people who actually bought the product or service. Because if you just read it and don’t pay attention to it, it will certainly look the same as the other reviews.

The news media offers a number of suggestions for shoppers to distinguish between fake and genuine reviews. The first thing to note from a review is in terms of language. Be it in product reviews or service reviews.

For a product, fake reviews tend to use more extreme language to convey the message.

As for reviews about services such as hotels or inns, reviewers tend not to talk about details such as floors or bathrooms. Instead, they will focus on why they are there, such as describing their vacation or business trip.

According to researchers from Cornell, this makes sense because someone who has never been to the location may have difficulty describing in detail and accurately the place he is reviewing.

Fake reviews also often repeat the full product name. This is related to the search system on Google. If a review uses words that are friendly to the Google search engine, it will certainly make it easier for people to find reviews about the product or service.

Buyers also need to review reviewers. If they only write one review for a particular company, it is a big warning sign if they can have any interest in that business.