So, why do you need gemlsa when it comes to maintaining or repairing the washing machine used in laundry service? However, getting help and service from professional people is the best choice. Your laundry business must run as it should, right? For this reason, it can be a good idea to not deal with DIY maintenance or repair.

While for the washing machine used for household needs, people have this choice. Before deciding to dispose of a damaged washing machine, you must make sure that the washing machine is indeed irreparable. The first step you should do is check the outside of the washing machine because most problems with the washing machine are sometimes caused by simple things. Like a washing machine that won’t turn on. If this happens, you must check whether the electrical cable is properly installed or not and look at the back of the machine if there is a part of the cable that is damaged or open. In addition to the cable, also check the water source valve to make sure this part is connected and also open.

Also make sure the hose is not bent or twisted. If the water source cables and valves are suitable but the engine is still not running, check the washing machine door, some modern washing machines are designed not to be able to walk when the door is not tightly closed or still open. You can also look back at the user manual or manual in running the washing machine. If it is appropriate, you can check the washing machine more carefully. Also, note the rubber part of the tube engine and also the connection on the back. If the rubber is damaged or loose, then you need to replace it, while you can tighten the loose hose.