Not all social media users know that some activity can make it caught in the law. A person who is addicted to social media will upload everything that is in his heart and mind expressed in social media. They do not know that certain activities can have fatal consequences and can make it entangled in the law. Aside from that, you might also need to take a look at the trusted solo practitioner website marketing service.

As a smart social media user, we should know what activities are deemed legally flawed. Now, what activity is that?


At first, the conversation is the main function of social media. There is nothing wrong with the conversation in cyberspace. In the legal view, mistakes will only occur if the conversation contains pornography, porno-action, provocative, defamation, and fraud. Messages containing such elements may harm and harm others, either directly or indirectly. For that to do conversations on social media fairly and still according to the norm. Never leave your vigilance with anyone we are chatting.

Spread hoax news.

Such rapid technological developments, resulting in the rapid dissemination of information. A news or event that happened can be known at that time also by the state in other parts of the world. In fact, the truth of the information about the incident is not yet known with certainty. Not infrequently a social media user easily shares the news. Be careful, if the news is indicated by hoaxes, spreading hatred and provocative, you can get caught in the law because of it. Always apply the principle of ‘filter before sharing’ to assess the truth of a story.

Upload Status.

In a state of anger, not infrequently someone wrote his outpouring of heart in social media status. A heart that is controlled by anger, makes us unconsciously has defamed a person, a group, or an institution. Those who feel aggrieved by our status upload can sue with an attachment to the printed status, and that is legally valid.s