Sleep is a mandatory requirement for every human being, including napping. The ideal number of hours of sleep is 7-9 hours a day and that includes napping. Napping makes the brain tired of working to take a break to continue activities. For the elderly, napping is quite important. But unfortunately, some people find it difficult to sleep because they feel body aches or suffer from respiratory problems. To overcome this problem, split king adjustable beds present to provide a solution with a bed frame that can be adjusted to sleeping position. The advantage of using split king adjustable beds is to improve the quality of sleep, including napping, because it turns out napping regularly can provide several benefits like this:

Overcoming Insomnia
Napping was able to treat insomnia (difficulty sleeping at night). The habit of symptoms of insomnia at night is not good for health. The body also needs to rest and close its eyes to sleep, if this trivial thing is ignored, then getting ready for you will be exposed to fatigue, decreased memory, difficulty concentrating, to decrease the quality of work and to increase the risk of accidents.

Improve Mood
Serotonin neurotransmitters regulate our mood, sleep, and taste, it also produces feelings of satisfaction and well-being. But when our bodies are stressed, the serotonin used is also higher and while production stops. As a result, we can become anxious, irritable, depressed, overwhelmed, and easily disturbed.

Improve brain memory
The benefits of napping turned out to be able to improve memory in the brain, very good especially for the elderly (elderly). Because of increasing age, they tend to escape memory in the past and decrease memory.

Improve sensory function and creativity
Napping can increase sensory perception as effectively as sleeping at night. The benefits of napping also increase creativity by giving a variety of new ideas and opening insights that are in your brain.