Most people already know that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a dangerous thing, or even ignores the stop sign. In this case, the role of the lawyer is also often involved especially if the traffic accident happened to kill people. Therefore, do not underestimate the traffic rules because the purpose of the rules is to maintain your safety. For those of you who need a lawyer, a lawyers criminal near me is a good choice. Besides, other facts also reveal that other factors make so many traffic accidents occur such as collisions. Especially for drivers who have not yet followed the driver’s education. Here are some factors causing the accident rate to increase.

Failure to control speed. Mistakes like this are fatal mistakes, ranging from driving too fast down the road uphill or through the bend to too fast when there is rain or fog. In this case, if you are driving at a speed below the speed limit then this is very dangerous. You can even completely lose control of your car. Next is the ignorance of the drivers. There are three things you must pay attention to when driving like your hands must be above the wheel, your eyes and mind must always focus on seeing the road. Many drivers are negligent in this regard because many of them do not consider that regulations are important. Emergencies often occur on the highway and usually occur without warning. When that happens you must be ready to respond quickly and precisely. You will not be able to do this when you are sharing your focus with other things while driving and the result is an accident.

The last thing is failing to drive one lane. Getting out of this path can be dangerous when you suddenly do it even though you have honked, in this case, a collision cannot be avoided. You can survive only because of your luck. Therefore do not try this even if you are in a hurry not to your safety is at stake.