Beard is a natural ‘jewelry’ owned by men because it can make a man more attractive and influential on one’s style. But do you know any other fact about the beard? Beards that grow on a person’s face can make a change in style can also provide more protection against one’s skin. But one thing is certain is if you have decided to have a beard, must be diligent and regular in cleaning it to avoid fleas or another fungus that can be nested. If you want to shave, you need a shaving cream. Get that by visiting the website of ageless men.

Here are some facts about the beard:

– The beard that is part of the hair on the face and neck contains 7,000 to 15,000 strands of hair.

– On average each hair will grow to 140 millimeters per year.

– A man is estimated to spend more than 3,000 hours to shave his beard and remove more than 8 meters of hair from the base of his beard each year.

– Of all the hair on the face, the beard is the fastest growing hair. If a person has never shaved a beard, then the length can be more than 10 meters.

Basically, shaving is relatively easy and fast. Only by moving the razor all over the face until the fine hair on the face disappears. A smoothly groomed face gives the impression that you are a responsible person – the reason why you should not miss a shave, especially at important moments, like a job interview or a wedding. Learn how to shave safely and effectively to avoid uneven results, as well as not to hurt you.

After shaving, always rinse face with clean water to close back open pores. In addition, cold water works like a compress that helps reduce inflammation. Then apply a special shave moisturizer (post-shave balm). However, choose products that do not contain alcohol. Alcohol will actually dry the skin.