Many people want to be a celebrity and entertaining people with their face in people television. Nowadays, we can see there are many young men and young girls compete in Entertainment world to get fans. The parents also support the wishes of their children who want to become a celebrity because it can bring the family good name. Many agencies we can find are looking for new talents who have talents as actors or actors and may last a long time in this industry like Robert Downey Jr., Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie and others. There are several things that make many people interested in working in entertainment.

– Can achieve wealth in a short time

Who does not want to get rich in a short time? This is very likely to happen if you become a famous celebrity. Pay as a model, movie star, the icon for ads and product is really expensive. Imagine if for one movie the celebrities get paid $ 20,000 even more if their movie gets a positive response from the audience. In addition, they can also get bonuses from the products that sponsor them. Income for famous celebrities is around $ 2,000,000 per year and that’s just gross revenue.

– Can take a relationship with famous person

In addition to wealth, the parents also want their child to get a spouse from a celebrity. In addition to rich, they are also known for being handsome and beautiful. No one can resist this especially if the person they like is a loyal and loving type. In addition to celebrities, they can also establish relationships with famous people such as government, scientists or even astronauts. This is an advantage because they are also known to many people.

– Can guarantee their old age

This is the most important if they are famous celebrities. Being an old age health is a top priority because they will not know with whom they will live in the old days. If they do not have children and only live with their immediate family, they do not need to bother others because they can provide for their own needs.