There are many reasons to choose marble or granite for your home floor. Besides being mesmerizing, this material can change the appearance of any space into an extraordinary and extremely durable appearance. Of course, this is with a note: you take care of him properly! Learn how to clean marble floors and how to clean granite floors because they are natural rocks that require special attention. For your tile treatment, trust in best carpet cleaning with years of experience.

Products that are not good for cleaning marble or granite
Always check the instructions and instructions for use on any product that you will use to clean the floor and test in a small hidden area first. Since marble and granite are natural rocks, there are some products that you shouldn’t use because you risk damaging and scratching the surface. The following products should be avoided when cleaning marble or granite:

-Regular floor cleaning products. You are better off using a special marble or granite cleaner
-Ceramic tile cleaner because this can cause the marble to look dull
-Any material that is very acidic or very basic, such as vinegar
-Coarse cloth, such as a dishwashing sponge made of fine wire
-A vacuum cleaner because the wheels and hoses can scratch the floor

Care for marble and granite
Care for granite and marble floors is much easier if you always keep the floor from getting too dirty, so take some precautionary steps to reduce the accumulation of dirt while at the risk of scratches and damage. Place the mat at the entrance to the granite or marble floor to catch dirt, dust, and small gravel that gets stuck in the sole of the shoe before damaging your floor.

Make sure you place a base under hard objects that you place on the floor, such as potted plants, so there is no direct contact between the floor and the object. Also, consider installing marble and granite protectors available at building stores to minimize potential damage to their surfaces.

When cleaning certain areas of the marble, wipe the stained part gently following the direction of the marble fibre to avoid damage to the surface. Use a microfiber cloth to dry and polish marble and granite This type of floor requires special care and cleaning products so as not to damage it

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