Lunch is certainly a moment where you re-energize your energy after the move all the time. So, choosing a good lunch menu is the thing you should do. That way, then you can get good nutrition and balance. One restaurant you can choose is a buffet restaurant. Wynn buffet is one buffet restaurant that you can choose. At the Wynn buffet price, you can also find various prices at several meals that suit you.

However, during the lunch hour, it helps you choose a good menu for your body and can change lost energy. Some of the menu you should avoid during lunch hour is

– Bread High activity sometimes makes us choose a practical diet, such as sandwiches. Plywood is often used as a lunch option is considered healthy, especially if filled with vegetables and meat as a source of protein. What’s more, sandwiches are also filling. However, constantly choosing this menu apparently can provide unhealthy effects. Bread has a minimal fiber content and a high glycemic index.
This will increase your blood sugar level after eating it. However, in the afternoon, blood sugar levels will drop rapidly so that makes the appetite actually jumped.

– Sweet drinks
A glass of sweet iced tea or soft drinks would be a tempting choice to complement the lunch menu, especially if the weather is sweltering. Freshness can make you forget that too often drinking sweet drinks may increase the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, even trivial things like tooth decay.

– Yogurt
this one dish is often chosen as a dessert or dessert menu. Although often claiming to be one of the healthiest foods, in fact, yogurt is mainly yogurt with various variants of flavor and contains so much sugar that can even more than soft drinks. Instead, you can choose a tasteless yogurt with real fruit pieces.