In roof repair and installation projects, there are usually 2 types of guarantees: a repairman’s warranty and a material warranty. The warranty from the repairman is usually in the form of repairs/renewal of the results of the service during the specified period. Material warranty is the guarantee of the material itself if there is a defect, for example, the tile warranty. Just as you have invested in roofing Madison W services and materials, you want to get maximum results in return. Of course, you want to choose a service provider who is responsible for the results of their work.

After getting an offer and doing initial research on references, it’s time for you to ask questions to several vendors. If possible, hold a face-to-face meeting to minimize the possibility of miscommunication. However, in conditions like today, you can also conduct interviews via telephone calls. Conduct interviews with about 3 service providers. Some things you can ask them for example:

1. Contact and address. Does the contractor have a fixed contact and address, such as email, telephone number, and business office address?
2. Work experience and knowledge of materials. How long have you been in the roof repair/installation business? Are they well known in the area where the business is located. How long have they been working on the same roofing project as your requirements.
3. Insurance. Do they provide project insurance, how to claim insurance and references that can be contacted? Where can you contact their recommended references, for example, previous customer testimonials, material purchases, and others?
4. Clear cost estimates. How much does the roofing cost per square meter in general and your specific roof type, what is the highest cost for a roof type work like yours, apart from the list of questions above, you can ask other things about your roof project?

A portfolio or documentation of work results can be a description of the vendor’s work. Usually, during negotiations, the contractor will present a portfolio of the work that has been completed. Ask about references from other customers and if you can contact them. If possible, contact the customer beforehand to ensure the quality of the work and the level of satisfaction of the relevant vendor’s service.