Thailand is the people’s favorite place to spend their holiday. The and uniqueness and the beauty become one of the best attractions that make you want to come. So, if you have a plan going to go for a holiday, Thailand can be your destination place.

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If you visit Thailand, some of these places can be your holiday destination:

– Krabi

For those who like natural attractions and also the sea, then Krabi will be a mandatory destination that you visit while in Thailand. This beautiful island will spoil you with the unparalleled exotic scenery. Not only the island of Krabi alone, but a group of small islands around it is also not less beautiful and will make the holiday trips more memorable and fun. Panorama sea with calm island beauty will give the feel of a different holiday than usual.

– Wat Arun

One more historical destination that you love to miss when visiting Thailand is Wat Arun. This building is one of the oldest temples in the country, so it is full of ancient and interesting architecture. Wat Arun offers such beautiful scenery, especially at nightfall. A beautiful temple just a short distance from The Grand Palace, you can visit by foot from the ancient royal building. Save time and money, you can enjoy these two tourist destinations at once.