You are certainly no stranger to hearing about the Simpsons cartoon series. This series is quite popular and is known by many people. In fact, for their fans, many made caricatures of the faces of The Simpsons in their photos. This is to show how much they love the characters in the series by making simpsons avatar.

The main character of this series tells the story of the Simpsons family and of course has some core family members who have always different stories. Some characters from the core members of The Simpsons are


– Homer Simpson
Raised by a father who was a second world war veteran and left by his mother, Homer Simpson grew up without a good relationship with his father. He was the head of the Simpsons family who was fat and liked donuts. Working at a nuclear power plant, but very lazy when working. Homer Simpson hated his job but had no choice considering he had to support a wife, three children, and a dog. In his life, Homer Simpson was involved in great things, including fighting with President Bush, going into space, getting a Grammy award with his band, to becoming a smashing pumpkin band tour crew

– Marge Simpson
She is Homer’s wife and mother for Lisa and Bart. She also housewives who pay attention to their children; often make jokes that are not funny. His good character is very contrary to Homer’s husband. besides being a housewife, Marge Simpson had several jobs ranging from Real Estate agents to police officers.

– Bart Simpson
The eldest child who has a naughty, ignorant, lazy and stupid nature; like to skateboard; His favorite shows are The Krusty Show & The Itchy & Scratchy Show; his closest friend is Milhouse van Houten. Bart Simpson often made scribbles on the wall under the pseudonym “El Barto”. He often bullied Moe bar owners, via jokes on the telephone.