The easiest way to congratulate someone on graduation is to give a graduation flower bouquet. Graduation bouquets can be given directly or not if you are unable to attend. Giving flowers at graduation is also not only intended for women. You can also give a gift of interest to a loved friend. Graduation bouquets can also be given in various forms. Both only flowers, and accompanied by other gifts such as chocolate and dolls. Apart from that, you can go to floristerias medellin whenever you need excellent flower bouquets at friendly prices.

However, choosing the flower itself is also not permissible. The many types of flowers make you have to be careful and think carefully about what type will be given and the arrangement.

Here are some tips on choosing a bouquet of flowers that are in accordance with the moment of graduation.

Bright Colored Flowers

Graduation is a cheerful and fun moment. Therefore, choosing brightly colored flowers can be used as a choice for graduation gifts or graduation.

You can give sunflowers because it symbolizes the graduation day as bright as the sun. In addition, you can also choose a bouquet of lilies and carnations.

Orchid flower

Orchid flowers are the next flower choice that you can choose as a gift for congratulations on someone’s graduation. Even though you can’t give it directly, orchids that symbolize your pride for the effort and hard work of your loved ones have been able to convey it.

The most popular orchid flower is a purple orchid flower. However, you can give orchid flowers other colors such as white or pink with a tie of gold or gray flowers.


If you are confused and doubtful about what flowers are appropriate, roses can be the next choice. You are free to pick colors of roses like red roses, white roses, orange roses, and blue roses.

Each rose color symbolizes special meaning. The orange rose symbolizes enthusiasm for the graduation of your loved ones. Yellow roses symbolize joy and admiration. Red and white roses are often used as a symbol of love and romance. But that does not mean you cannot give red and white roses when the graduation moment of your loved ones.