A few years back, the popularity of hammocks is increasing among climbers. Most of them use a hammock as a substitute tent bed. Some others use it to relax or just as a mere photo object. If you’re looking for inflatable hammocks, you can visit http://inflatablehammockreviews.com and find references.

The hammock is made of lightweight fabric so easy to package and put it into the backpack. Weighing an average of no more than 1 kilo certainly does not incriminate the climb. Being in a hammock will keep your body from getting wet and backache from sleeping on the ground. In addition, climbers will have no trouble installing hammocks. Because in general they only need two tree trunks as moorings. However, the actual hammock can be installed anywhere, for example on a cliff or on a boulder. Just like tents, hammocks are also various types. There are at least 3 types of hammocks sold in the market.

The first type is Parachute Hammock or Hammock parachute. This type of hammock is the most favorite type of hammock among climbers and traveler. At least, the parachute hammock meets the standards for resting and relaxing in the outdoors. Capacity also varies, the capacity of one person and there are also for two people. However, if you want to use this hammock as a substitute tent, you should prepare a flysheet as a cover. Of course to be protected from rain.

The second is the type of hammock nets or Rope Hammock. From the name alone is caught how this hammock form one. Hammocks formed from this string of ropes are perfect for relaxing on the beach or in the pine forest. The shape and function are almost the same Hammock parachute make this hammock less suitable for use as a tent. At least have to install flysheets over hammocks.

The last type of hammock is Tent Hammock or hammock tent. Hammock tents are the ideal hammocks to replace tents. This type of hammock prevents the body from getting wet and mosquitoes. Tent hammocks are shaped like tents, but not mounted on the ground. Rather mounted hanging on the ground. Unfortunately, with the price is quite expensive, making tent hammock less friendly for the pockets of climbers.