A couple of years ago being vegan is not as easy as now in terms of choices of food. Nowadays, veganism is widely used to promote health or environmental issues. Vegans now even could enjoy plant-based meat to satiate meat craving. However, make sure you only use high-quality products that available at https://www.verygoodbutchers.com/. But plant-based meat is not only popular for vegans. Restaurants that provide fast food such as Burger King are starting to issue alternative menus for healthy food enthusiasts, namely the Impossible Whopper. Meanwhile, KFC also introduced products with vegetable chicken meat.

They claim the use of vegetable products instead of animal meat has healthier properties. Is it like that? So far, many large-scale comprehensive studies have examined who is healthier and has a longer life among people who eat more vegetables or meat. One study carried out involving more than 73,000 people found that a vegetarian diet was associated with lower rates of premature death. Another study from Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, United States also found that people who eat a vegan diet have a lower risk of all types of cancer. Meanwhile, meat consumption is generally associated with an increased risk of cancer. Besides, the study also confirmed that people who eat plant foods have a lower risk of hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Consuming plant foods also helps in weight loss and reduces several chronic diseases.

The choice to eat alternative foods such as vegetable meat is an attempt to avoid people from consuming meat which poses several health risks. It makes sense that plant-based meat is relatively safe in this case. However, this meat alternative is also processed food, which is not as healthy as consuming fresh vegetables. Alternative food processing can not be separated from salt and fat which is quite widely used. Besides, the addition of oil for taste and moisture also makes it not ideal for consumption by some people with certain types of ailments. Besides, some plant-based loaves of bread also have more sodium than beef. High sodium could cause a stroke or cardiovascular disease.