If you have so many accounts on the internet, then it’s time for you to protect each of these accounts. Because, accounts that are not secured will be easily hacked by hackers and make them steal various important data that you have. For that, the existence of 2 factor authentication will be needed by many people. This two-step security system will make you secure your account better log me once.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to secure their account so they make various mistakes as below. Some of the mistakes that are often made are

1. Same password for all accounts
Most people think of using one password for all the accounts they have, on the grounds that they are not easy to forget. Unfortunately, this method can be dangerous for them. The use of one password for several accounts will make your account easily hacked. So, make a different but easy to remember Passover for each account. In addition, Cobalagh changes passwords regularly for preventative steps.

2. No wireless encryption
If your office or home uses wireless networks, secure your network with a strong password, which is a combination of numbers and letters. We recommend that you do not underestimate this network access code, because if your wireless network is hacked, then all your company data or personal data can be owned by someone else.

3. Common Mistake # 3: Turning off security features
Sometimes you often disable the entire firewall if you have trouble with certain applications connected to the internet, and most likely, after you finish using the application, you forget to reactivate the firewall. Antivirus software is also one of the things that are often forgotten when the last update. In fact, disabling the firewall and not activating the antivirus is like removing the front door of your house. So, don’t forget to activate the firewall again and do an antivirus update and periodic general scan.